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The boys have returned around Webeen following TV producer

and motivational speaker, Graham Hoskins, and sci-fi cult


sunglass [/url] the from Red Dwarf, Danny John-Jules as they

embarked on their own latest challenge, Dakar Dreams?, their

version of the iconic Dakar Rally. Polaroid provided the

adventurous duo with essential sports sunglasses to

safeguard their eyes in the sandy terrain, because they rode

to raise money for Riders for Health. Now theyback,

[url=http://www.cool-sunglasses-sale.com/]oakley sunglasses

[/url] having completed the route, for a well earned rest.As

part of their Motorbike Diaries adventures, Graham and Danny

kept us informed of their travels through their Dakar Dreams

blog. They'd a lot of fun, be it a gruelling one. The locals

made them in your own home on all from the route, as well as

their sat navs took them more or less in the right

direction, more often than not! They even had a small run in

with the local Royal Moroccan constabulary and have had

their great amount of sand storms.[url=http://www.cool-

sunglasses-sale.com/]versace eyeglasses [/url]But nothing

was to stop this quest, and we?re delighted they have

completed this concern. Their sunglasses helped too. The

Polaroid sunglasses were great thank you, precisely what we

required for our big adventure.

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Dan,Saw the Chevy commercial last week. You have the jeoulas neighbor bit down solid. Good luck on the hat trick for scoring three auto bits. Two down I agreed with the issue on the specs. I have a great eye doctor, but I dread her in-house high pressure and clueless eyewear techs. I bought the PillBox perhaps 14-15 months ago and soon after became a premium listener. It sounds like you are moving in a good direction on dropping the monthly from $4.00 to $2.99. Keep plugging the new price. Congrats on the 6th year in podcasting and for not podfading. I think the shows help keep your craft and storytelling sharp.

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Hi Dan,Long-time listener, inqenfuret commenter. I haven't listed to the latest episode yet but I just wanted to say I caught your Chevy commercial for the first time yesterday while I was working out at the gym (also for the first time.) I got a kick out of seeing an unexpected familiar face on the monitors over the bank of cardio machines.I continue to very much enjoy your podcasts Dan, (premium member here!) and I'm sure you'll be accompanying me on many a future trip to the gym. Feel free to count that toward your workout/weight loss program as well.

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What a pleasure to find someone who identifies the iessus so clearly


Great article, thank you again for wtriing.


Very wonderful

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